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  • The same email in Outlook (regular PC version) and in Outlook for IOS has a different Sender display name. At the same time, it is known that it is the Outlook for IOS mobile client that displays incorrectly

    We have investigated this situation, and on the mail gateway we see that letters from the same counterparty server periodically arrive, and at the same time their mailing system substitutes different Display names, BUT has the same address for each letter HEADER FROM: <> and ENVELOPE FROM:

    In theory, if:

    1.01 Mail arrives From: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich <> On Outlook and Outlook for IOS - Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich is displayed as display name

    2.01 A letter arrives From: Petrov Petr Aleksandrovich <> On Outlook - Petrov Petr Aleksandrovich is displayed, on Outlook for IOS the display is incorrect Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

    What could be causing this problem on Oulook for IOS. Maybe it's a cache, or something else?

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  • Why this thing is happening here.....
    martedì 12 aprile 2022 11:56
  • Mail for iOS requires a few steps to view the sender's email address. First, tap on the email to display the message; second, tap on Details; finally, tap on the sender's displayed name. You will be presented with a page displaying options for this sender, as well as the sender's email address.


    Rachel Gomez

    martedì 27 dicembre 2022 05:04
  • Why was this strange protection introduced, or is it because of iOS? 
    giovedì 12 gennaio 2023 11:06
  • I had the same problem couple of days but I couldn’t get along with the instruction some expert were given but with the help of hack hybrid . He stop my outlook for iOS for desplaying email sender . he did my request 100 percent successful with in couple of minutes. Am satisfied with his job service .If you are inquiring for any technical help you are just a click away to the solution contact him on gmail at hackhybrid27 at gmail (com)
    venerdì 13 gennaio 2023 18:53
  • nobody knows that
    sabato 21 gennaio 2023 17:07
  • It appears that the issue may be caused by the mailing system of the sender's server, which is periodically substituting different display names for the same email address. It may also be related to a cache or display issue on Outlook for iOS. Further investigation is needed to determine the root cause.

    sabato 28 gennaio 2023 22:54
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  • In Outlook for iOS, you can display the email sender by selecting an email in your inbox. The sender information is usually displayed in the top section of the email, along with the subject line and other details. You can also tap on the sender's name or email address to access more information about them, including any previous email conversations or contacts details saved in your Outlook account.
    lunedì 30 gennaio 2023 11:13