How to apply fine grained password policy to an OU RRS feed

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  • I have an OU called TestOU-1. Now I want to apply fine-grained password policies to all the users in TestOU-1. I know fine grained policies can be applied to global security groups and users only. But I heard of shadow groups through which fine-grained policies can be applied to an OU. 

    How do I create a shadow group for TestOU-1. I know how to create a fine-grained policy. After creating it, what should be the value of msDS_PasswordAppliesto. Is it the DN of the TestOU-1 or the shadow group that I created. Also, do I have to create a global security group before creating a shadow group for the OU? 

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    2012년 6월 18일 월요일 오전 10:42


  • In global security group we can have member from any OU who need to be covered under FGPP where as shadow group is a group used to have all the users from particularity department like finance or sales guy in one group & it is automated to either add or delete the group membership automatically using scripts(powershell or vb-script) or schedule task.

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