AMD platform,Webcam BasicPerf System (Manual) test fail RRS feed

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  • Update QFE001 and 002

    Chipset:AMD Brazos

    test step:Use mirror or webcam in front of the screen to test this item


    Fail: Latency is bigger then the maximum allowed

    Fail: Audio Latency is bigger then the maximum allowed

    PM3 - Audio Latency 180 maximum allowed 120

    PM4 - Latency 103 maximum allowed 120

    But Intel platform can test passed at the once time.

    środa, 17 października 2012 09:07


  • Update your audio driver to decrease the latency of audio. some Sounc effects are installed by audio drivers. they used to cause the long audio latency.

    niedziela, 21 października 2012 17:33