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  • During testing our mb driver in windows 7 64 bit version, we got fail information as following,

    The Execute Task with Commandline

    cmd /c ndistest.exe /lgoo /auto /client /target:Miniport /tc:{01B2E392-E242-4079-A2B4-10E10E45B9C2} /jobgroup:WHQL\wwanI2

    Failed with ExitCode e0434f4d

    We've tried every methods including reinstalling os and dtm client and installing .net 1.1 or 2.0. But this error still stays.

    WLK version is 1.4. Os version is 7600 RTM 64 bits.

    Any one who can help us out?

    wtorek, 15 grudnia 2009 02:55


  • This was confirmed as bug in WLK1.4. 3 solutions proposed:

    1.       Use the errata(1455) in your submission if everything else is ok.

    2.       Test with WLK 1.5

    3.       Use the release note of WLK1.4 below as workaround.

    WLK 1.4 Release note:

    Logo Job Fails with ExitCode e0434f4d : Storage

    Some logo tests have a dependency on .NET framework. If DTM Client was installed before .NET framework, you might see unexplained errors during logo testing.  If you are installing DTM Client for the first time, make sure that you have installed .NET 1.1 or a later version of .NET framework before you install DTM Client. If DTM Client was installed first, follow the workaround steps below.


    To correct this condition, complete the following steps:

    1.    Uninstall DTM Client.

    Note  Log in as another user other than DTMLLUAdminUser.

    2.    In DTM Studio, set the machine to Unsafe.

    3.    Install DTM Client.

    4.    In DTM Studio, wait for the machine to go to Manual state.

    5.    In DTM Studio, set the machine to Reset.

    6.    Wait for the machine to automatically return to Ready state, and then click Refresh in DTM Studio to confirm.

    Note  If you are currently running logo tests, continue to steps 7 through 10.

    7.    Remove the machine from the current machine pool and place it in the Default machine pool.

    8.    Move the machine back into its original machine pool from step 7.

    9.    Wait for the MCU Config Jobs to finish again.

    10. Start a new Logo Submission.

    Note  You must create a new logo submission at this point for all the results to roll-up correctly.

    czwartek, 17 grudnia 2009 03:16