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  • 各位兄弟,我使用WLK 1.4测试Windows 2008 Server SP2 32位认证,建立submission后,发现只有3项测试项,记得使用WLK 1.2,会有10几个测试项。WLK 1.4只有3项测试项,正常吗?那位兄弟遇到类似问题,谢谢!

    注:WLK 1.43项测试项完成后,测试报告提示可以获得徽标。
    poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2009 10:47


  • For the 32-bit Windows Server 2008 logo testing,  only three test items listed in the Available Jobs windows after we create new submission, is this correct behavior?
    [MSFT]Yes, this is correct behavior.  Since the prerequisite to submit 2008 32-bit is to pass R2 64-bit, all the other functions of the system have been checked; PCI, HAL, PnP, ACPI, Max RAM, Max CPUs [and thus the various buses or serial channels [PCI-E, Quick Path, etc.] using that OS version and platform.  There is no need to retest the same functions just using the 32-bit versions of the tests.
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    czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2009 05:35

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