Display Problems when I upgraded laptop from XP to windows 7 RRS feed

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  • I am using an java application which is build with EJB 3.0, hibernate, Seam framework and third party softwares Jgoodey and Jmonkey for 3D display of objects.

    The application works on new Windows 7 PCs.

    It always works on XP.

    It doesn’t work when a PC has been upgraded from XP to Windows 7. It works partially, the application open the 3D graphics just dont load.

     *My own suspicion is an issue between application, Windows 7 graphics drivers, and older graphics cards for upgraded Pcs.

     *We’ve tried altering settings in the graphics cards (acceleration, onboard/card memory) etc., both in Windows 7 and in the BIOS, to no avail.

    Can anyone help me out with any ideas.

    segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011 10:01