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  • 我的驱动是用unclassified测试的,在生成提交文档时没有添加Symbol file文件。

    在提交报告时,到最后弹出一个“File is not signed. -->Connot find the requested object.”的错误提示。

    是不是必须添加Symbol file文件,才能提交成功啊?


    quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008 02:25


  • 你必须要添加Symbol file. 否则你的提交肯定不能成功!



    1. Are not eligible to use the "Certified for Windows..." or "Works with Windows..." logo artwork.
    2. Are not automatically eligible to be posted to Windows Update without Microsoft approval.
    3. Will not be listed in the Windows Marketplace or the Windows Hardware Compatibility List.
    4. Must submit symbol files to assist in crash analysis.
    5. Will have Windows Error Reporting driver crash data available.

    quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008 08:14