做鼠标测试的时候,Device install check for other device stability & Device install check for system file consistency & Reinstall with IO 这三个case总是过不去. RRS feed

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  • 1:发现这三个case都是一个问题,

    <0001>?.c.scriperror! -A scipt error occured! {ADCBD!F0-16E8-11DB-B50B-0010C65AFEB5},TUID=

    Error: 0x35,找不到网络路径.

      This si probably a configuration issue. in rare cases it could be a bug in the script istself. ->snaplog() -> 文件未找到

      File=.line =0

    End:<0001>?.c.scriperror! -A scipt error occured! {ADCBD!F0-16E8-11DB-B50B-0010C65AFEB5},TUID=,Repro=




    terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010 02:46


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