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  • Hello my friends, i am new in android , i am using android studio. I wanted to try to use the bing translate api to translate one of my whole android apps. Is there any of example to do it? I need to translate my strings.xml and also the data that i inserted in my sqlite.. Help!
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  • Hi Yong,

    the software localization tools Sisulizer and POEditor, and many more, provide an editor for human translation of strngs.xml, as well as integrating machine translation using Microsoft Translator.

    You can use the open source document translator to translate plain text and Office documents: https://github.com/MicrosoftTranslator/DocumentTranslator.

    Does this help?

    Chris Wendt
    Microsoft Translator

    sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016 15:14
  • Is this manually translate the strings.xml? I need translate api directly translate for me while user select a language.. this is my code. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34960966/microsoft-translator-api-issue/34961930#34961930
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  • Hi Yong,

    on Stackoverflow someone answered how to retrieve all strings from strings.xml. Once you do that, you pass them to the Translator API and render them, or write them back to a new strings.xml.

    Chris Wendt
    Microsoft Translator

    segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016 16:05