How to export the information of task manager in windows? RRS feed

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  • Let's me to explain my purpose.

    1、export the data from taskmanager

    2、upload the data to database

    3、show the data on web browser

    after these 3 steps, I can monitor one or more servers on 1 web page.

    so, can you think out more method to export the data from windows task manger? thank you!

    One example, if I want to export the login user's client name(their machine host name), how can I get the data?

    Windows task manager user interface:

    User        Symbol         Status                  Client Name              Session

    A                 2               Active                  A123456789              RDP-Tcp#1

    B                 3               Active                  A012345678              RDP-Tcp#0

    C                 5               Disconnected      

    D                 1               Active                  A782308282              RDP-Tcp#6

    Besides, If I want to build a task manager by myself, what show I to do?

    The key problem is: what is the data source in windows task manger? how do those parameters show together in one window? which scripts be used?
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