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  • my machine came with pre-installed windows vista, now the windows is corrupted and i want to know if i can download windows vista home premium OEMAct Gateway from the internet?. i have my product keys. Its a P series Fx mfg in 2008. I have tried the restore disks I made when I first bought the computer and the ones I had to buy from gateway. Neither one worked because gateway didn't put the recovery partition on that computer, because I checked it with another computer. And gateway is no help at all and now I have a laptop that I paid over $1000 for that I can't use. I will never buy another gateway. And I didn't receive any Cd's when I bought the computer

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    It gives a different error every time I tried it. I even used two different dvd drives. It usually errors right at 99%. Does the same with the copies I made and the ones from gateway. This is the first error it gave me: error:T\windows\winsxs\backup\amd64_microsoft-windows-comdlg32.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.18000_uk-ua_711df8d656668851_comdlg32.dll.mui_ac8e62f4. [uncompress file: (seg. 70) -> readdata failed].  Got it to complete install now it says error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>

    James Akin

    Are you dual-booting with Linux??('grub rescue' looks like a Linux error to me)
    I would suggest using any available option to completely repartition the disk, then trying the install again.


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