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  • Look, the hackers and counterfeiters will always be one step ahead of Microsoft and Microsoft will ALWAYS put that responsibility in the lap of the customer even when they were not aware of how they got around their Microsoft Genuine Advantage crap.  The customer has to just give up on trying to shop around and find a better deal.  I get it.  The customer must get the raw end of the deal, no matter how badly written the OS was.

    My question is this...  is www.microsoftstore.com legit, or is this another scam website.  How can I as the customer tell if its legit or not online?  I live in the middle of nowhere, so for me to go to some actual store is a total pain.  I have to either go to Best Buy (an hour's drive away), or Wal-Mart (yeah buddy) to get software from a storefront.

    This is the 3rd Microsoft OS I have gotten online that was bogus and it steams me that I am bound to this crappy OS because of the software I use.  Do you ever hear of these issues w/Apple products?  Linux OS's?  Strange that Microsoft can't seem to do the same.

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