DPM displays error IR 3111 and ID 104 when restoring a cloud backup. RRS feed

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  • Error detail:
    The recovery jobs for Th-VM\ that started , with the destination of , have completed. Most or all jobs failed to recover the requested data. (ID: 3111)
    An unexpected error occurred while the job was running. (ID: 104)

    Description of the operation:

    The error occurs when I try to restore a virtual machine, hyper-v, from the backup contained in the cloud.
    If the restore is done from a backup contained on the disk, it does not display any errors.

    Server details.

    Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
    Data Protection Manager, version: 13.0.657.0
    Mangement Console 3.0, Version: 1607, (OS Build 14393.5066)

    Details of the re recovery operation, which displays the error:

    I select a restore point from a virtual machine (Hyper-v), from the cloud (Azure), to restore the backup. I choose the target, and whether it is for the source location or for a shared folder on the network, the error received is always the same: ID 104.

    Restoring this same virtual machine, from a disk backup, always works.

    I've checked several forums, restarted the DPM server, restarted cloud backup recovery tasks, but no action worked. 
    I appreciate it if anyone can cooperate.

    2022年4月12日 12:53


  • If you see errors that suggest there is a network-related problem when restoring a cloud backup, test the connection to the database from the DPM server by completing the following steps:

    Create a .udl file. The easiest way is to rename a blank .txt file with a .udl extension.

    Double-click the UDL file and select the instance and database to test from the dropdown list.

    Click Test Connection.

    Select the Test Connection in the Data Link Properties dialog box.

    If this fails, check if you can ping the SQL Server from the DPM server and verify that name resolution is working correctly. Also verify that the IP address returned is correct. Verify that the address is also correct in SQL Server > DPM server. Check for any other obvious reasons why traffic might not get through, such as firewalls.


    Ross Smith

    2022年8月9日 5:50
  • Recover the database

    To restore the database, in the DPM console on the secondary server, select Recovery and locate the protected database. Select the date for the recovery point you want to recover. Recover the database to the original location. After recovering the database, run the DPMSync tool.


    2023年2月15日 5:43