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  • On my wife's computer, where Microsoft Security Essentials has been installed for several years, successfully, suddenly this morning something called Vista Security suddenly appears and says there are all kinds of security risks found on my computer, and that if only I agree to purchase it they'll get rid of all that for me. It also claims the firewall and all of the MS One Care stuff is turned off. After some struggles, I was able to get MS SE open, and it claims everything is OK. It ran a security thing last night, found one Trojan horse and dumped it, and everything is turned on.


    This Vista never says Windows or MS in its title, but it sure has copied the MS screen formats well. It does drop statements about Windows recommends that I get rid of malware.


    1. Is Vista in any way connected with MS?


    2. Is it an absolute scam, or a legtimate product with an over-aggressive marketing scheme?


    To add injury to insult, every time I opened another tab on the I/E 8 browser to try to get to this site, it sent me to Vista's site instead, with dire warnings about bad things that will happen if I don't sign up right away. I had to go to another computer to report this.

    Her computer runs Windows Vista, as does mine.
    2011年4月18日 15:48


  • Vista Security Suite is a rogue antivirus program. For help with removal  start here - https://support.microsoftsecurityessentials.com/

    and select the link that says - I think my computer is infected - and then select the support option for phone, chat or email (options will vary by Region).
    If you are in North America, you can call 866-727-2338 for free help from Microsoft for virus and spyware infections.


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    2011年4月19日 16:16