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  • Hi everyone; very basic question to many but for me, I probably went somewhere I shouldn't have gone.  I more than likely downloaded sometype of malware/virus type file because I kept getting prompted with "damaged hard drive clusters".  I went to the Microsoft Live OneCare site and had some type of freebee scan done and it gave me info that I had numerous files infected.  I "allowed" it to clean it up; the program ran damn near all night.  I check my PC (Windows Vista) and it appeared that all was well.  No error messages at all.  After some research I see that my files are pretty much wiped clean.  Personal documents, pictures, etc...

    I already acknowledge that I went about this the wrong way and I'm none too bright for doing so.  Looking past that if you can; is there any hope these files are somewhere I can retrieve them?  I really don't have more info than that because obviously I'm not too techy. 

    Any assistance in a non-badgering way would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your lost files. This forum is for the subscription version of One Care and is no longer active. You can get help with the One Care Safety Scanner here - http://boards.msn.com/safetyboards/board.aspx?BoardID=225


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