ICE closes when stiching panoramas RRS feed

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  • when i press stich it performs the process at 100% and then it closes without even showing me the panorama.

    Windows 10


    but I still can't get it to work

    2020年5月18日 7:54


  • i have the exact same issue, worked fine two days ago, then tonight it started doing that, drove me absolutely nuts for hours, so i formatted the pc, tried it BEFORE dowloading all of the latest windows update, ICE worked perfectly fine, so update the computer and now it's closing again when reaching 100%, i think one of the last update broke it for some reason... 
    2020年6月23日 1:09
  • if that helps, i've put it in windows vista compatibility mode, and now it's working again... let's hope it will last! 
    2020年6月23日 1:52