Windows updating to 1803 when 1903 is available after 1903 failed to install. RRS feed

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    So, I've been trying to update my windows to 1903 and the first time I tried all was going smoothly, it picked up that the version I am running is 1803 and told me I needed 1903, so I started downloading it all was fine, the download finished and so I started installing it (resetting the pc as prompted) and it took about three hours to get to 30% when it finally got there however it asked to plug in my external harddrive to finish installing so I did but couldn't press "ok" in the dialog box because my cursor wasn't working and pressing enter did nothing, after trying to press "ok" for about 5 mins I decided to restart my pc (which is what i think screwed it up), another 10 minutes later I came back and it said it failed to install the update and to restart my pc and try to apply the update again, when I had done so I clicked on the normal "check for updates" in the update setting and now it's telling me I need to update to 1803, so because I figure that the windows system knows what it needs I do the update all is fine, it installs fine, restarts fine and I think great, now it will let me try update to 1903 again, so I go back to the update settings, Click search for update and it tells me yet again that I need to update to 1803 and at this point I have no idea anymore so I came here.

    Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance!
    2019年11月8日 22:42