How To Stop A Microsoft Pop-Up? RRS feed

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  • Please help!

    Since last Summer I have been getting a Microsoft account pop up notification several times a week that ALWAYS says the same thing:

    MICROSOFT ACCOUNT PROBLEM.   We need to fix your Microsoft account (most likely your password changed).  Select here to fix it in Shared Experiences settings. 

    So I then click on the gear and it takes me to my Shared Experiences page and it says that some of my accounts need to be fixed.  I then click on the button and I get another page asking me to sign in. So I sign in.  Then I am taken back to my Shared Experiences page, but NOW it says that all of my accounts are working properly.

    This has happened over and over and over.  I have tried many things to fix it but nothing has worked.  CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP!!??  IT IS VERY ANNOYING!


    2020年4月20日 19:19