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    HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server Intel 2.5 Ghz on ebay ....it came with no hard drives, i installed 2 1TB drives and tried to run the server recovery disk to bring it back to life. i connected it directly to a win10 machine to run the server recovery program. got to the 2nd step and it failed repeatedly. is there a SIMPLE way to convert the win10 machine into a WHS by installing the software in the win10 machine? i dont need the win10 machine, it's a little old but runs fine? thanks for any input.

    2019年12月3日 17:13


  • Windows 10 is finicky with WHS.

    Recently Microsoft updated their current OS's to a more secure network file transfer protocal, SMB 2.0 + 3.0. WHS only uses version 1.0. There are security risks in turning on this feature, especially with laptop's that connect to other networks. So proceed at your own risk.

    In Windows 10, if you open up Settings > Search "Windows Features" the result will bring up "Turn Window's Features on or off"

    This will bring up the window with the list of items you can turn on or off. Scroll down to SMB 1.0/CIFS File Share Support and check the box. Click OK

    IT will install that feature, and you'll need to restart your computer. Once you are back up, try connecting again. this solved about 99% of the issues I was having with Windows 10 and WHS talking to each other.

    Best of luck!

    2019年12月15日 5:08