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  • I installed Windows Live OneCare for Windows Live Messenger (2009) via the WLM GUI back on May 5th, 2011 and it seemed to install without issue.

    Everything was running fine until this evening (May 17, 2011) when I had to reinstall WLM (2009).

    After the reinstall, Windows Live OneCare would not install.

    Now my Windows Live Messenger (2009) is unprotected.

    How can I resolve this issue? Anyone?

    2011年5月18日 3:38


  • As of October 2009, Windows Live OneCare sales were discontinued in all markets. Product support ended on April 11, 2011

    Please go through the below FAQ's about Once Care


    Because OneCare will no longer be actively helping to protect your PC after April 11, 2011, its recommend that you choose another antivirus solution (such as Microsoft Security Essentials, the no-cost, easy-to-use antivirus solution for home and small business customers with PCs running genuine Windows). Before you install another antivirus solution, however, you will first need to uninstall OneCare from your PC.

    2011年5月18日 4:20
  • Thanks for your reply Jackie1831,

    Unfortunately the website you provided did not resolve the issue.

    There are 2 issues:

    1) For some reason the Windows Live OneCare does not appear in my Add/Remove list.

    In addition, the removal tool does not remove it either.

    2) Also, I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my system, but despite adding it to WLM, it does not scan incoming file transfers!

    2011年5月18日 5:20
  • If Windows Live OneCare is no longe found in your Add/Remove Program list. I believe it has already been uninstalled.

    If you have the setup file I would recommend you delete the same.

    1) What happens when you try running the Removal Utility program. Try running the program below. Do you get any error message?

    2) Are you able to access the WLC GUI, are you able to view the different services (Anti-Virus, Firewall) in the Program, If not you can boot the computer in safe mode & delete the WLC folder from c:\program files

    3) WLC is availble only for Windows Vista & XP ? What Operating System are you using?


    Microsoft Security Essentials provides real time protection, it would scan all recieved files regardless of the source. so  all files been transfered via WLM would also be scanned for malicious content.

    Do vote if the answer was helpful. Thanks


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  • Incase you have used the Windows Live OneCare Backup use the Restore Tool to download a back up of all your software. The link for the same is below:


    2011年5月18日 6:48
  • No, I haven't used the WLOCB.

     1) The OneCareCleanUp.exe utility doesn’t work and it disables the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus and disables the Windows XP Firewall.

    2) I was able to delete the Windows Live OneCare folder from C:\Program Files but not remove WLOC from appearing in Windows Live Messenger

    3) I'm running Windows XP Pro (SP3) with MSE Build 2.0.657.0

    2011年5月18日 7:56