Windows server 2008 enterprise无法加入到已有域中作为辅助域控制器 RRS feed

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  • 一台windows server 2003成员服务器,升级到windows server 2008 enterprise sp2后,想把它作为域的备份域控制器,安装了Active Directory后,点击右面的“Run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard(dcpromo.exe)”,选择 Existing forest-->Add a domain controller to an existing domain,过一会出现一个错误:"Failed to examine the Active Directory forest.The error was:The operation cannot continue because LDAP connect/bind operation failed:error:1326(logon failure:unknow user name or bad password.", 用户名和密码肯定是对的,请问怎么解决?
    2013年1月31日 5:03