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  • hi,  dear friend:

    thank for your interest first.

    i am a beginner on using visual studio,  need some guide how to  start autocad 2008 or autocad 2012 development on windows 7 platform using visual from some experiened one.

    i do not know what kind of visual studio should i use since there are so many different types of visual studio, i feel lost. is there anyone can tell me which version of visual studio i should use? is there any version of .net i should download, is there any documentation i can follow, i am ok to use virtual basic or virtual c#, or virtual c++.  if someone can provide me a very basic program such as open an autocad file and add a text in autocad, i really appreciate.

    i have devlopment some autocad program using VBA, however i feel the interface and data structure is limited, so i need to migrate to visual studio platform.

    considering the computer develop so fast, such as cloud, android platform showed up, what kind of trend i should follow?

    i appreciate if someone can guide me.


    2014年6月30日 14:08