event id 1039, 4999, 1007, 7031 and 1013 RRS feed

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  • 在windows2012 R2的机器上有exchange2013 CU10


    event id 1007
    Failed to create or start performance logs with error: System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.
       at PlaLibrary.DataCollectorSetClass.start(Boolean Synchronous)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.PerformanceLogger.PerformanceLogSet.StartLog(Boolean synchronous)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.PerformanceLogger.PerformanceLogMonitor.CheckPerflogStatus(). Performance log: ExchangeDiagnosticsDailyPerformanceLog.

    event id 4999
    Watson report about to be sent for process id: 2188, with parameters: E12IIS, c-RTL-AMD64, 15.00.1156.006, M.E.Diagnostics.Service, M.E.Diagnostics.PerformanceLogger, M.E.D.P.PerformanceLogSet.StartLog, System.ArgumentException, 95c6, 15.00.1156.000.
    ErrorReportingEnabled: True 

    event id 7031
    The Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 5000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

    event id 1039
    Failed to detect the bitlocker state for EDS log drive 'D:\'.
    System.Management.ManagementException: Invalid namespace 
       at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
       at System.Management.ManagementScope.InitializeGuts(Object o)
       at System.Management.ManagementScope.Initialize()
       at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Initialize()
       at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Get()
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.Service.DiagnosticsService.DriveLocked(String diagnosticsRootDrive)

    event id 1013
    Potential data loss warning in RetentionAgent: RetentionAgent: Warning: Potential data loss. The size of this folder D:\Program Files\MicrosoftExchange Server\V15\Logging\Diagnostics\DailyPerformanceLogs has reached 70% of max size allowed - 5120 MB. Some data will be purged once it reaches the max limit.

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    Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics service crashing with the event 4999, 1007 and 7031

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  • 解决 event id 4999, 1007 and 7031方法

    Step -1 
     delete both keys from Registry ExchangeDiagnosticsDailyPerformanceLog & ExchangeDiagnosticsPerformanceLog

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Windows\PLA\ExchangeDiagnosticsDailyPerformanceLog]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Windows\PLA\ExchangeDiagnosticsPerformanceLog]

    Step -2 
    Ensure Template is available on below location 

    Step -3 
    Delete Counter from below path 
    Perfmon ->DataCollector->User Define -> Delete ExchangeDiagnosticsDailyPerformanceLog counter.

    Restart & Check.

    重启机器后,event id 1039也没有了。

    Event ID 1013我还没有做,

    Open below file in notepad:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\bin\Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.Service.exe.config

    Change the “LogDataLoss” = “False” under the ‘DailyPerformanceLogs’ section to suppress this error.

    这样改后,是否不限制DailyPerformanceLogs 的大小了?

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