MS-DOS 7.10无法进入Warning: the high memory area (HMA) is not available RRS feed

  • 问题

  • 主板芯片组为C236,使用MS-DOS无法进入DOS系统,请问下这是什么原因?怎么解决?


    Start booting fron USB device...
    Starting MS-DOS 7.1...
    Welcome to MS-DOS 7.10...
    Copyright Microsoft Corp.All rights reserved.

    Warning: the high memory area (HMA) is not available
    Additional low memory (below 640K) will be used instead
    Killer v1.0 Copyright 1995 Vincent Penquerc'h. All Rights Reserved.

    Killer installed in memory.

    DOSKEY installed

    DOSLFM 0.32o:loaded consuming 11840 bytes

    SHARE V7.10 (Revision 4.11.1492)

    Copyright (c) 1989-2003 Datalight,Inc.

    2017年10月19日 2:56