(Urgent help) Cannot establish the chat between the clients and my company of the IM RRS feed

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  • Dear experts,

    I am not really famous in computer knowledge and I hope I can express as detail as what I am facing the problem.

    I have a website which is selling some products.

    I have used a MSN account to provide instant messenger Q and A function in it and the HTML source code is generated from which can be placed in the web for directly use.

    It was still fine last week, but it cannot establish the connect since this Monday.

    When the clients want to start a conversation, and type the correct check code, it shows a message " 無法啟動您的對話,請再試一次。 (The connection cannot be started or you want to try again."

    I have asked to the messenger department and they refer me to ask here. They said that it seems like the live connection problem.

    I wanna ask what should I do or what I need to do can fix this?

    I dont wanna try to use another company tools to replace MSN because I dont know which one can be trust due to the clients' information.

    Please help and with many many thanks....

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