windows server 2008 R2 域推送的软件,在客户机控制面板“添加或删除程序”中卸载后,刷新一下,又出现了。 RRS feed

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  • windows server 2008 R2 域推送的软件,在客户机控制面板“添加或删除程序”中卸载后,刷新一下,又出现了。不能彻底卸载掉,请问这个问题该怎么解决。客户机是XP的。
    2013年4月28日 12:58


  • 你用的是哪种类型的Software Installation Policy?


    Publish to Users

    Assign to Users

    Assign to Computers

    After the administrator deploys the software, it is available for installation after:

    The next logon. (If an application is deployed in a GPO that is already applied to the user from a previous logon, that application is available for installation in that logon session.)

    The next logon.

    The next time the computer starts (reboot).

    Typically, users install the software from:

    The Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    Start menu shortcut.
    Desktop shortcut.
    Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    The software is already installed.

    If the software is not installed and the user opens a file associated with the software, will the application install?



    The software is already installed.

    Can the users remove the software using the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel?

    Yes. Users can choose to reinstall the software from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    Yes. The software will be available again immediately for installation from the desktop.

    No. Only the local administrator can remove the software. A user can run a repair on the software.

    Supported installation file types:

    Windows Installer packages (.msi files), and ZAP files.

    Windows Installer packages (.msi files)

    Windows Installer packages (.msi files)

    2013年4月28日 13:33