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  • 原有两部windows 2000 server 都是 ad 來的 而它是primary ad 和 secondary ad server.  後來那部secondary server 故障 要用帶 恢復過來..問題來了 出咗這 個message  "The session setup from the computer "servename" failed to authenticate. The name of the account referenced in the security database is "server"$.  The following error occurred: Access is denied.  " 我想問題是因為primary ad server 和secondary ad server 帳戶密碼不對(不一至) ..有什麼方法可以令其同步account 呢?
    2013年1月9日 1:25


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    Based on my research, In a Microsoft Windows domain, starting with Windows 2000, a discrete communication channel helps provide a more secure communication path between the domain controller and the member servers or workstations. This channel is known as a secure channel. When you join a computer to a domain, a computer account is created, and a password is shared between the computer and the domain. By default, this password is changed every 30 days. The secure channel's password is stored together with the computer account on the primary domain controller (PDC). The password is replicated to all replica domain controllers.

    Event ID 5722 is logged on your Windows Server-based domain controller

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    2013年1月10日 8:43