windows 08 R2系统出现SMagent报错信息 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • 事件类型: 错误
    事件来源: SMagent
    事件种类: 无
    事件 ID: 1
    日期:  2013-09-02
    事件:  3:31:27
    用户:  N/A
    计算机: SVCTAG-C3NCZ2X
    Message from SM agent service: SMagent: The SMagent service attempted to start but terminated. Possible causes include:  [1] The access virtual disk is disabled in NVSRAM. [2] No RAID controller modules with compatible firmware were found. [3] The default logical unit number (LUN) assigned to the access virtual disk (typically 7 or 31) is not in the range supported by the host or is already in use by the host for another device. See your storage management documentation for more details.   

    The Host Context Agent did NOT start because 0 RAID controller modules were found.

    2013年9月3日 3:16