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  • How can I  Programmatically  Modify The GPO 's policy that  whithout register value.

    Like Security settings,Software installation,Scripts,Folder redirection,Internet Explorer maintenance

    And Folder redirection

    2012年8月2日 8:03


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post.

    The Windows Group Policy PowerShell module includes a cmdlet called Set-GPRegistryValue that lets you poke values directly into the underlying registry.pol file within the GPO, but you have to know the correct reg keys and values to do that (which you can derive from the ADMX/L files). Beyond that, commercial solutions such as our GP Automation Engine ( provide support for modifying a variety of policy areas programmatically, but it is, of course, a commercial product.

    Hope this helps.

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    2012年8月3日 9:16
  • wo I said was the policy not in register edit,

    like Security settings ,the value about Security Setting is in a .inf file.

    hou can i Modify these  Programmatically?

    2012年8月7日 3:11
  •  you mean the Miscrosoft company didn't provide the way to modify the policy without register value?

    but i saw the RSoP WMI Classes , it has the class like  RSOP_AuditPolicy ,

    can i use these class modify the GPO, and how

    2012年8月7日 3:32