Windows Server 2012 R2安装的WSUS控制台无法显示 RRS feed

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    企业利用Windows Server 2012 R2安装了WSUS,之前都正常,最近Windows更新了最新的补丁后,WSUS控制台报连接错误无法打开。印象是最后更新了与.NET Framework 4.5有关的更新后,开始出现的控制台错误。



    1. Delete %appdata%\roaming\microsoft\mmc

    2. Right-click the World Wide Web Publishing service and select Properties.On the LogOn tab, clear the Allow service to interact with desktop check box.

    3. 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -i',提示PkgMgr.exe has been deprecated...

    4. Create a service account within AD for your Domain and make it a member of "Domain Admins" eg "SA_WSUS"

    STEP ONE - Add this account to the Local Users Administrator's group on your WSUS server

    STEP TWO - Open IIS Manager, expand down to Sites and expand WSUS Administretion. high light the first container "ApiRemoting30" then select from the right hand panel "Basic Settings" There is a "Test Settings" button, click it Are both options ticked if not, close this windows and select "Connect as..." Select Specific user and click SET Enter the SA_WSUS user name and the password you set remember to include your domain name eg MYDOMAIN\SA_WSUS click OK and then retest you should get two green tickes. Do this for the remain fields and reboot the server. WSUS should now open.




    2016年6月6日 1:59