Errors when using MLLP Utilities MllpSend.exe from BTAHL7 SDK RRS feed

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  • Environment:
    1. Computer A
       Role: Client
       Windows firewall: turned off
       Message: C:\ORU.txt and content: MSH|^~\&|TestParty||MS|MS|20110819081042||ORU^R01|MSG001381|P|2.3.1
    2. Computer B
       Role:Biztalk Server 2009
       Windows firewall: turned off
       one Request-Response receive port A and receive location is Adpter:MLLP Host: Port:21000
       one file send port B and its filter is receive port A
       configured the party acknowledgment tab in BTAHL7 configuration explorer and checked "route ACK to send......"

    when I use this tool through cmd.exe to send this message to Computer B, the cmd window show this:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for HL7\SDK\MLLP Utilities>mllpsend.exe /I myBizTalkSVR /P 21000 /TWOWAY /REPEAT 1 /F C:\ORU.TXT /SB 11 /EB 28 /CR 13

    Unhandled exception: System.ApplicationException: Can't connect to host "myBizTalkSVR" on port "21000": the target machine actively refused it, can not connect
       在 Microsoft.Solutions.BTAHL7.MllpTestFramework.MLLPSender.Connect()
       在 Microsoft.Solutions.BTAHL7.MllpSend.MainClass.Main(String[] args)

    how does this error occur?
    I have tried another ports 11000、30005、30008 and so on, but given the same result.
    how should I assign a right local port in mllp adpter to receive message?

    i am so anxious, Thanks very much!

    2011年11月14日 3:16


  • please make sue the port 21000 configured on the correct IP , like the 21000 , 21000. not only on the 
    2012年1月8日 15:07
  • myBizTalkSVR 一般不解析到127.0.0.1的,你需要确保你有一个receive location是对应myBizTalkSVR的IP。

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