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  • Hi Guys,

    we are running 3 nodes and 8 sql server instances on each node, the node a gets crazy on cpu usage(90%~100%) every 10 minutes, there is no scheduled task or reporting running on this timing basis, observing the task manager, the clussvc.exe is up to 20%~23% when cpu is 90~100%, by windows performance analyser, found out rpcrt4.dll cause lot of cpu usag, also the resource monitor shows lots cluster api calls/sec and group api calls/sec; messages sent/sec is high in Cluster Multicast Request Response Messages section; no doubt many bytes coming through and out in Cluster Network Messagess section.

    Is there a way to find out what cause the cpu high usage issue?

    Thanks Very Much,


    2014年10月29日 6:46


  • forgot to mention it is windows server 2012, 512 GB ram, 3.3Ghz CPU.
    2014年10月29日 6:47
  • Found something in event log, but it doesn't seemed to related to the high cpu usage issue.

    Clusapi (0): ApiQueryValue exited with cluster_error = 234, rpc_error = 0

    Clusapi (0): calling RESOURCE CONTROL with function number 29

    Clusapi (0): calling RESOURCE CONTROL with function number 2

    Clusapi (0): ApiEnumValue exited with cluster_error = 259, rpc_error = 0

    2014年10月29日 7:02
  • I think the key is to identify what process or query causing the clussvc.exe high cpu usage...



    2014年10月29日 7:04