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  • Dear Pro,

    Multipoint Server 2012 install finished, but a Error happened.

    The Error information is below:


    Multipoint Server Configuration Error.

    Multipoint Server has detected a misconfiguration.

     The installed graphics display adapter driver must be specifically designed for the installed hardware.

    Install the latest display adapter driver from the hardware manufacturer's website. you might need to restart the computer after installing the driver.

    Toreslve these problems, press any key to put the computer into console mode, and then log on using an administrator account.


    • In [Computer Manager]->[Device Manager], I find the display adapters driver has installed that appear [Microsoft basic display adapter], this graphics no driver support windows server 2012, I try to update it use WIN7, but it failed.
    • I want know if I use default driver that system auto detected, can I monitor the laptop from WMS2012 dashboard(I could not monitor the laptop desktop and send IM to laptop now).


    2012年11月12日 9:53


  • Dear Customer,

    Based on my research,  The WMS message you are seeing is because WMS detected that the generic Microsoft Windows VGA driver was loaded.  This driver does not support the extended desktop that WMS uses to create each station's session on.

    Now the tricky part is why is that generic vga driver being loaded instead of the specific video driver you have installed for your software.....   By any chance was windows set to reboot in safe mode with a limit set of drivers?  I'd also check through the event logs and see if you can spot an errors related to the graphics card.  Perhaps there is a transient fault with the hardware that is preventing the driver from properly installing.

    Let me know how this works out and the results of the suggested tasks listed above.

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    2012年11月13日 9:13