How much disk size will be consumed by witness server in a Database Mirrorring application RRS feed

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  • I have setup a Database mirroring with a witness server. The witness server is installed on a machine whose free disk size is very limited (about 100M~200M, after installed sql). 

    My main concern is if the witness server consumed too much disk space, such as producing log files or some other operations, the witness server will stop working.

    So could you please give me some general estimation how much disk size will be consumed by witness server? Or do you have some methods to reduce the disk size periodically?




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  • Will work but disk should have about 10% free space.
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  • 因为见证服务器不存储数据,只是监视镜像服务器还有一些工作,虽然现在可以使用,但是不担保以后不会出问题


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