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  • 请教:都对对用户凭据信息复制为何以下两题答案会不一致?

    1、You need to configure the replication of user credentials for the Great Britain division.

    2、You must configure the replication of credentials of the user for the area of Great Britain

    Topic 8, Parnell Aerospace
    Parnell Aerospace designs materials and components that are used for commercial airlines.
    Parnell has a main office in Dallas and branch offices m Seattle, Atlanta, and New York Parnell has an Active
    Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain named for the Dallas and Manta offices. The
    forest and
    Domain functional levels are set to Windows Server 2008.
    Domain Controllers
    The domain controllers are displayed in the following table:

    The Seattle and New York offices have then own child domain named
    The domain controllers are displayed in the following table.

    Parnell also has a number of satellite offices, without domain controllers, that act as both sales and
    design locations.
    Employees have the ability to walk into any office to connect to their respective domain and access
    the software they need.
    All servers in each office run Windows Server 2012 R2 and are 64-bit platforms. Client devices in each office
    run windows 7 and windows 8.1.
    Parnell Aerospace is expanding to Great Britain. Parnell creates the domain for the
    new offices to use.
    Parnell creates a new sales office In London,
    Parnell also purchases a company in Glasgow named Flight Build that can expand Parnell’s research and
    design diviston. Flight Build has low security and limited bandwidth Flight Build has the domain name Flight Build has a single domain controller named FB-DC. Flight Build users use an
    application that must run on the domain controller
    Flight Build’s server environment contains a server that runs Windows Server 2012 R2 and has Microsoft SQL
    Server 2012 installed. Ports 12345, 6789, and 10111 have been assigned for System Center Virtual Machine
    Manager (SCVMM) connections.
    The domatn controllers for the two new offices are displayed In the following table:

    Business Requirements
    Accessing Data Globally
    Employees in any office, including satellite and branch offices, must be able to work securely on
    internal applications, independent of device, and still access all of the information they need.
    At times, a large percentage of user’s congregate in the same geography to work: on a specific task and
    environments need to scale quickly to meet the demands.
    Application performance
    In order to allow multiple simultaneous users to access the design application. The design application
    is published by using SCVMM
    Data Conformity
    All data needs to be synchronized between all offices to ensure that all users have the latest
    Information available
    Disaster Preparedness
    In case of natural disaster, Parnell Aerospace must be able to continue work without disruption Servers In
    any location must be restored rapidly.
    The domain must be renamed to integrate it into the domain
    Users in the newly acquired Glasgow office report issues with long logon tunes. Parnell Aerospace must
    prepare a new domain controller for the logon traffic.
    Parnell plans to deploy an additional SCVMM server m the Flight Built environment.
    Sales reports
    Parnell Aerospace’s sales organization uses a large number of slaes reports that are in the Excel format. The
    reports are very large and accessed often throughout the day. Users report that it takes a long time to open the
    files, even when they are using the local network.
    Technical Requirements
    Mixed environment
    The existing environment contains Windows servers and legacy UNIX sewers. All UNIX servers run 32-bit
    operating systems. A Server named UNIX1 is a Fileserver.
    Sales reports
    Sales reports must be saved on an automated storage tier named Sales Reports. All file servers are equipped
    with both solld-state drives and standard hard-dusk drives.
    Sales Application
    A sales application in the domain must be accessible to users outside of the network
    during sales calls.
    The application ls configured by using automatic triggering of VPN connections.
    Design Application
    A design application must allow automatic logon by using VPN when users in the domain
    are working from a location outside of the office. Users report the authentication fails.UK Division Sales
    Sales people in the new UK domain must be able to access a web-based sales application named UKSales
    that is used ln then geography by using any device including hand-held units, smart phones, and laptop
    computers.Active Directory
    The Active Directory Recycle Bin must be enabled throughout the forest.


    题1:DRAG DROP
    You must configure the replication of credentials of the user for the area of Great Britain. What three
    steps will guide you in order from? (The available actions are shown in the picture. Click the Drawing
    button and assign the necessary three steps in the proper order at.


    题2:DRAG DROP
    You need to configure the replication of user
    credentials for the Great Britain division.Which three actions should
    you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from
    list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
    Select and Place:

    Answer: See the explanation

    It should be:
     Launch the active directory users and computers applet by using domain admin credentials
     Add the existing users to the replication list and set access level to deny.
     On GLA-DC, configure the LON-DC1 account.

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