Print API in Win2008 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • Platform: Win2008 R2 64bit Server

    Language: C++

    Issues describe: I use API SetJob to make print job paused and then resume.  When resume the job, the job's status is "sent to printer" instead of deleting automatically.  It happened only in Win2008 R2 Server and with some specified printer driver (e.g TOSHIBA Universal Printer 2, you can download in Toshiba printer official website). 

    Steps To Reproduce:

    1. Install the TOSHIBA Universal Printer 2 in Win2008 R2 and make it shared.

    2. Set security "everyone" select allow 'print' and deny 'manage document'; set security "administrators" select all allowed.

    3. Login a client PC with normal domain user(not in administrators guoup) and connect to the shard printer.

    4. Print a test page, my application will first pause it and then make it resume. (all operation is using Winspooler API "SetJob")

    5. The Print job can be paused(expected); but when the job printing out, the status is "sent to printer" instead of deleting automatically.(unexpected)

    6. If I print with a domain user who belong to "administrators" group, that's OK...

    Could anybody tell me what's wrong with it?

    2013年1月10日 7:02