EX490 drive bay switching


  • Hello,

    i have an EX490 with 3 HD's installed: 1 system in drive bay 1, and 2 drives installed in bays 2 and 3.  Bay 4 is free.

    I've been getting warnings from my server that it is sometimes running hot. I've now removed the drives and vacuumed/blown all of the dust from the unit.  Man there was a bunch!

    Now while installing the drives back in i was wondering whether it would help the heating situation if i put the system drive back in bay 1, but put the two data drives in bays 3 and 4, instead of bays 2 and 3 like previously. This would give the system drive a bit more circulation room.

    My questions is, does it matter which bays the data drives are in? Will the unit still recognize everything as before, even if the data drives are in different bays?


    2012年1月2日 11:36