How to Hide the assigned account ? 如何隐藏已经被指派的记录 RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone.

    I'm a Dynamics CRM administrator from China.

    These day i spent a lot of time.And try to find the method that "How to Hide the Assigned Account."

    // 如何隐藏已经被分配的用户


    For Example

    There are 50 accounts and 2 CRMusers (UserA and UserB).


    User A can view all accounts(now is 50) and pick one which is interested(AccountA). Then make the account assign to himself.


    User B also can view all accounts(now is 49) and assign the  interested account(AccountB) to himself.


    User B can not re-assign the AccountA to himself,until the UserA give up AccountA.



    Another Example:

    Use A and B are catching fish from pool.


    UserA catch the Fish A, then the User B cannot see the Fish A.


    UserB catch Fish B.


    If user A found the fish is "not good",he can put it back to the pool.


    And other User can Catch it.




    My English is not well,I hope you can understand.

    I try the 2 ways.

    The Fisrt : Give Every User the Global Level Assign Permissions. I found if  a account is assigned to UserA , UserB can Re-Assign it. This is a wrong way.


    The Second :   1.  by default,each account's owner is "administrator"


                          2.  Run a workflow , if the owner is "administrator", Then assign the account to current user.If the owner is not "administrator",do nothing.


                          3.  If the current user do not need the account,Run workflow and re-assign the account to "administrator"



    But when i try the second way,i found 2 questions.

                          1.  the workflow can update the account owner info,but it must choose a define user,can not choose current user(i need the workflow can use for everyone).


                          2.  i make the workflow check status,When owner is "administrator", Update Owner to a define user. But nothing happen,I check system jobs,it report "waiting".

                          //即使创建工作流,若负责人是administrator则更新到“张三”,执行后没有反应,此时系统工作流中增加了该记录工作流的的 “等待”状态

    Can any body help me ? Thanks very much !


    Cisco & Microsoft
    2010年4月11日 14:02


  • You can use Business Unit to achieve your goals. 

    In your instance, what I would do is

    1. Create a role for UserA, say RoleA, the role belongs to the root business unit. The role have full access to all accounts. 
    2. Create a new business unit (such as BusinessUnitB) and a new role for BusinessUnitB, say RoleB. UserB should belong to RoleB and RoleB belongs to BusinessUnitB. RoleB has full access to its Business Unit level account record. 
    Where UserA doesn't like an account record, he can simply assign the record back to any user of BusinessUnitB.

    Daniel Cai |
    2010年4月11日 14:26