a problem,please help me! RRS feed

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  • Setting: XP system, VC++6.0+SP5
    classb CWebBrowserStick out tongueublic CWnd{...};
    CWebBrowser m_webWnd;
    //create web window m_webWnd.Create("",WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE,m_webRect,this,IDC_FARSCREEN,NULL);//@01

    When run @01,XP system always shows the Dialog:"Server busy".
    But I do not understand the reason. I want to know which things may induce
    this trouble and how to raverl out or avoid it!

    Please help me! Thanks


    2007年8月3日 1:08


  • From my experience this is mostly a flow in the server app.
    1.If the client calls an sever and the server does not respond,the "Server Busy"message will come up.

    2.Your client app may hang since it is waitng for a response from the server.
    There could be some flaw in the server's logic which will cause the client
    to hang. Or some operation is taking longer than expected in which case the
    client will eventually close.

    3.That error message usually results from a lack of system resources. Your computer is trying to switch to a different program but cannot.

    If you are certain that you have enough resources for the programs you think you have open:
    Most of the time (but not always) it means you have some sort of spyware or adware present on your system that is eating up your resources.

    4.Try to search "Server Busy" through Google and check if you can find a reasonable solution to it. Good luck to you.


    2007年8月3日 1:48