虚拟机服务器大量 Event ID 2012报错咨询 RRS feed

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  • Hi 各位技术专家,

    大家好!有个问题需要咨询大家,我们客户门店的服务器报大量的系统卡的问题,通知查看Windows log,会有大量的Srv2012的错误,如下图,这个错误是如何产生的,根据大家的经验,如何能解决?

    -> Applications could generate the Event ID 2012
    -> Anti Virus
    -> MS components Driver
    -> Nic Drivers
    -> Firewall
    -> Cluster
    In most past incidents, such warning is caused due to a race between send and disconnect. For example, if the TCP connection of a SMB session has been disconnected, while later the host still receives some SMB traffic of that session, such event would be logged. In this case, SRV 2012 only indicates that is a race between send and disconnect, which doesn’t impact network communications.但是最近这个报错数量太大,由于产生这个问题的原因很多,我们有办法对错误产生的原因进行定位吗?谢谢各位了。


    2015年4月21日 11:24