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  • event id:4224

    WINS encountered a database error. This may or may not be a serious error. WINS will try to recover from it. You can check the database error events under 'Application Log' category of the Event Viewer for the Exchange Component,  ESENT, source to find out more details about database errors.  If you continue to see a large number of these errors consistently over time (a span of few hours), you may want to restore the WINS database from a backup.  The error number is in the second DWORD of the data section.

    Event id:432

    wins (2000) Unable to write a shadowed header for file C:\WINDOWS\system32\wins\j50.chk. Error -1032.

    看上去应该是Wins的数据库坏掉了,我共有五台WINS Server,其中一台出错了,

    把wins service重启一下就正常了,可是到第二早来再来看的时候又一样了。

    我是不是可把WINS目录下的文件全部删除,重新启动Wins Service来重建!


    2010年7月26日 23:56


  • 那意思是说,我只把复制伙伴停止或者把WINS Service停止掉,然后把\system32\wins\下所有文件移除掉,重新开启Wins Service、Wins 的复制伙伴就行了吗?!
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    2010年7月27日 2:25