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    2008年10月16日 7:19


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    SCE安装成功之后会在AD中创建一个SCP(Service Connection Point),请按照以下步骤找到该SCP:


    1. On the Domain Controller, open ADSI Edit (Start –> Run –> Adsiedit.msc).


    2. Right click on the “Domain” tree and select New –> Query.


    3. In the New Query window, enter the following and then click OK:


        Name:  SCESCP Query

        Root of Search:  Click Browse and choose the domain root.

        Query String:  (&(objectCategory=serviceConnectionPoint)(cn=SCESCP))


    4. Expand the Domain node in ADSI Edit and select the “SCESCP Query” node.


    5. A “CN=SCESCP” object should be listed in the right-hand pane, with a distinguished name, for example, “CN=SCESCP,CN=SCEServer,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=litware,DC=com”. This tells us that the computer named “SCEServer” has the SCE SCP.


    6. Do not delete the SCESCP object from the “SCESCP Query” node, unless confirming that System Center Essentials is not being used on that server.



    2008年10月17日 6:14