Exchange 2010 队列错误 421 4.4.2 Connection dropped due to SocketError RRS feed

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    Exchange 2010 发送邮件给特定的几个域的邮件,在队列中出现延迟的现象. 队列报“421 4.4.2 Connection dropped due to SocketError ” 错误,关于此错误我搜了网上有很多类似的错误,但是没有很好的处理方法。 请问关于此错误如何去检查解决。

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  • 您好,


    Well I just solved the issue and it was one of the following (sorry it isn't specific, i just threw all that I could try at this point)

    I disabled all filtering on the SMTP instance on the old box - took off IMF, blocklist, eveything. Also disabled max number of connections/recipients.

    Under the message delivery options I disabled all such items for message/content filtering that I could and I also unchecked the box that blocks all messages to user not listed in AD.

    Restarted the virtual SMTP connector on the old box and it the queue on the new box was empty by the time i ran the ExTA again! PF instances are now clear!


    telnet 对方服务器的 25



    尝试重启hub 服务,



    Intra Org communication between HUB servers is always encrypted and the “X-AnonymousTLS” command is used. To establish the “X-AnonymousTLS", the public keys from certificates is used to encrypt the session. .Do you changed the exchange certificate before the problem happens ?

    1. Please enable the logging for IntraOrgConnectorProtocolL in Server A:

    Set-TransportServer –Identity ServerA -IntraOrgConnectorProtocolLoggingLevel verbose

    2. Send a message from server A to server B. Locate the log at c:\program files\exchange server\v14\transportRoles\logs\Protocollog\smtpsend. Please check if there is any error. Please also zip the log file and send it to me at v-genli{at}

    1) checked the Network card property, it should be perfect (eg. Primary DNS server)

    2) Checked the  Network card Binding order, connected NIC card should be on top.

    3) Checked the NDS server , it should be able to resolved the External remotes domains MX records.

    4) Disable the TCP chimney from CMD

    Netsh int ip set chimney DISABLED

    5) Restart the Transport & Mail submission service.

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