阻止端口 使用 MAC 地址,因为它已固定到端口 VMSMP 28 RRS feed

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  • win2008 r2 上面用hyper-v,系统一直报警,提示什么组织端口使用。网上有类似情况说是Symantec SEP 12的问题,但是我这台服务器装的是SEP11,而且我已经停止了SEP服务,但是还是一直报警。到底是什么原因?

    2013年4月13日 5:09


  • 你是否用了NIC Teaming?

    Microsoft Support Policy for NIC Teaming with Hyper-V

    Common symptoms exhibited due to improperly configured NIC Teaming software:

    The following event is logged in the System event log on the Hyper-V server:

    Log Name:      System
    Source:           VMSMP
    Event ID:        28
    Level:             Warning
    Description:    Port '97B1A2BA-D679-4290-AD9B-262DE33C16D6' was prevented from using MAC address '00-15-D5-04-F8-0C' because it is pinned to port 'BFA4D592-1F9D-8484-8ABF-9EDA1534529E'.



    VMSMP EventID 28

    1. Deleted the virtual switch.
    2. Stopped the three Hyper-v services.
    3. Deleted remaining entries under the SwitchList Key and All NICs under the NicList Key of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\VMSMP\Parameters.
    4. Restarted the services.
    5. Recreated the virtual switch.


    2013年4月15日 3:40