network direct spi with the Mellanox Connect-X4 card RRS feed

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         We want to use the mellanox connext-X4 card (Ethernet) to do some ROCE data transmission development under Windows Server 2012. The test programs nd_send_bw.exe and nd_rping.exe provided by MLNX_WinOF2 have been tested. But some errors occurred while running winof (Connect-X3) nd_rping example code. The error is located in the NdStartup function in "ndhelper.cpp". The error code found by debug is "E_ACCESSDENIED General access denied error". Further positioning is found to be caused by the failure of the "CreateInstance" function call in the IClassFactory class. How should this problem be solved?

        If the example of nd_rping in winof does not support mellanox Connect-X4 card, please provide some alternative solutions. It is best to provide the routine code for running ROCE under MLNX_WinOF2 

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    Suocheng Duan

    2018年9月5日 6:08