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  • I am using the MS SQL server 2005 to do works using analysis services. When I have established one cube, I want to deploy it, but I meet an error, which I have tried to solve. However it doesn't work.

    Error:A connection cannot be made to redirector. Ensure that 'SQL Browser' service is running.

    I have made that 'SQL Brower runs with 'Local system'
    I have made the analysis project with target server 'server name\@@servername'
    Data source impersonation information uses 'use the service account'

    But the error still exists.

    I really want to know how to solve it!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    2009年9月25日 10:28


  • I guess the error is reported in AS (analysis service) when it tries to connect to SQL Server, right? If so, please

    1. Confirm 'SQL Browser' service is running at the machine hosted SQL Server;
    2. Confirm that you can connect to SQL Server at the machine hosted AS, for example
         sqlcmd -S <server name>\<instance name> -E
        if there is failure please check your firewall (in both machines) setting to enable UDP 1434 port which is used by SQL Browser, or just disable firewall for testing.

    2009年9月28日 6:34