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  • I have been facing a workflow issue ....

    I have a workflow which [updates attribute A's value] when [a record is created] or [attribute B's value get changed].

    Start when : Record is created / Record atrributes change (attribute B)
    Workflow logic: if (B contains data) then {update A};

    1. This workflow should start when B changes, but it dose not. It runs only after saveing the record. Why? Acturally, months ago, it ran properly, A got updated immediately after B changed.

    2. In workflow system job, this workflow runs 6 times (5 succeeded + 1 failed). The failed one contains error message "This workflow job was canceled bcz the workflow taht started it included an infinite loop." ..... I fixed by adding another step [Stop workflow with status of SUCCEEDED], but i think there must be a better way.

    Thank you.
    2009年8月28日 17:45