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  • 我们环境中在ADUC中的Microsoft Exchange System Objects容器看到如下许多系统邮箱对象,请问这个现象正常吗?

    2017年4月29日 13:15


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    根据我的经验,这些SystemMailbox{guid} 形式的对象在挂载邮箱数据库时自动生成,每挂载一次就会生成一个对应的对象,我们不需要去删除或者移动它。

    “Whenever you mount a mailbox store, one of the checks it runs is whether a SystemMailbox{guid} object is in place. If it cannot find one, it looks in the directory for the SystemMailbox{guid} directory object within the MESO container, and then creates the SystemMailbox{guid} mailbox object within the mailbox store.”


    Overview of Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003 Special Mailboxes


    Alvin Wang

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    2017年4月29日 16:12