windows multipoint server 2012 Premium 上可以安装哪个版本的Office 产品? RRS feed

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    请帮助确认windows multipoint server 2012 Premium 上可以安装哪个版本的Office 产品查看了所有的office安装系统要求,好像没有提到Windows MultiPoint Server ,但以下链接又表示好像可以。请帮助解答,谢谢。PS:已经跑遍微软所有论坛了

    Major Capabilities

    • Centralised administration: The MultiPoint Manager application allows administrators to set up and manage Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server user stations. Administrators can create accounts for an unlimited number of users, who can access their customised desktop and settings by logging in to any user station.
    • User monitoring: The MultiPoint Dashboard application allows non-administrators, such as classroom instructors or computer lab staff, to monitor and interact with user stations. Dashboard users can view user activity, block users, limit web access, and project their desktop activities to all users. They can also open chat sessions with users and take control of a user's desktop to provide hands-on assistance.
    • System restoration: Disk Protection protects the host computer by discarding changes made during user sessions and restoring the host computer to a "last known good state" after reboot.
    • Shared software: Software programs installed on the host computer can be accessed from any user station, without separately installing the software for each user. (Note that Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs require a separate license for each user station in a Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server environment. Other software manufacturers may have their own licensing requirements for shared computing environments.)
    • Desktop virtualisation: Administrators can create Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8 client virtual machines to map to MultiPoint stations. These virtual machines can run software that might not be compatible with a 64-bit server operating system.
    • Active Directory support: Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server can join an Active Directory domain and also participate in Group Policy and other domain functions.

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  • 凡是Windows Server 2008 R2上能跑的Office,就能在这个系统上跑吧

    Installing Software on Windows MultiPoint Server

    Will any program work on MultiPoint?

    Unfortunately, not every program out there runs on MultiPoint Server. There are two major things to consider when trying to install software on your MultiPoint machine.

    1. Will this program work with RDP? Each MultiPoint session is actually a Remote Desktop session. Because of this, software that does not work with traditional RDP sessions will not function properly, and do not install correctly on MultiPoint machines. For information about Remote Desktop compatability, you can check the official RDP compatability site at

    2. Can this program install on a 64-bit operating system? While 64 bit systems are becoming more and more popular, there are still programs that can only install on a 32-bit operating system. Since Windows MultiPoint Server is based on Windows Server 2008 R2, it is necessary for an application to be able to install on 64-bit. Some products, such as Microsoft Office, have two different versions for 32 and 64 bit environments. If this is the case with the program that you are trying to install, make sure that you select the correct one when purchasing or downloading. It is occasionally possible to install a 32-bit program on a 64 bit OS, so this is not necessarily a deal breaker when trying to install a program.

    Okay, I have a program that works with RDP and 64 bit. What else should I know about?

    Licensing! Just as MultiPoint has certain licensing procedures, a lot of programs must be properly licensed to run. With MultiPoint, this can sometimes require a volume license, or a particular "Volume" version of a product. Going back to our example of Microsoft Office: A volume copy is necessary to work on MultiPoint because it is licensed per user rather than per computer. For personal computers, this is normally one and the same, but with MultiPoint, there can be up to 20 users per computer, and that's where the volume license comes in. Your MultiPoint license or CALs do not replace other software licenses.


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