CriticalSection Deadlock with OwningThread of zero, help RRS feed

  • 问题

  • windbg:

    CritSec +222d44 at 00222D44
    LockCount 2
    RecursionCount 1
    OwningThread 0
    EntryCount 1716
    ContentionCount 0
    *** Locked


    I have a deadlock problem that I am struggling with.
    I have a test program that never hangs when run on three different Windows XP computers, but always hangs (at different points) when run on my Windows XP machine. When it hung, I attached WinDbg to it;
    I embed some of that information below.

    What sort of scenarios can produce a deadlock with an OwningThread
    of zero?

    2013年8月1日 14:36